My name is Valerie Joy Deveza and I’m a social media analyst.

I have an insatiable curiosity for social media and digital analytics.

For the past four years, I’ve worked with a handful of tech start-ups and social media agencies. It has been an amazing journey so far and I’m really excited to share with you what I’ve learned.

My goal is to help YOU understand how your customers engage with your business.

Making sure you’re taking actions based on your data to improve your business results.

If you’re passionate uncovering all the ways to drive awareness, engagement and loyalty on your business. You are in the right place! :)

What people say:

Christopher FranksValerie is a calculated and highly skilled digital marketing specialist with a wide array of analytical and executional skill sets. She provides way more value than a common Social Media community manager and is able to effectively develop complex strategies as a means to pursue core business goals.

Valerie works well both independently and in a team environment. She is level headed yet creative and analytical in nature. She is an ideal point person for transcending high level business requirements into content production tasks with a team of subordinates. She constantly evaluates all strategies and adjusts as necessary to repetitively produce high quality work output and solid business results.

I would not hesitate to work with Val again & would welcome her as a Digital Marketing Manager for any brand I was involved with

- Christopher Franks | SirQo

Ruben GamezValerie knows her stuff when it comes to social media. She came on and quickly gave great recommendations and started doing a great job curating content for our followers (and getting them to engage with us).

She’s great at understanding the audience and is one of the few people I’d trust with the social media efforts of my company.

- Ruben Gamez | Bidsketch

Ivan KerbelI had the pleasure to work with Valerie on social media optimization as well as on an Indiegogo crowd-funding campaign during 2014. I was impressed by her domain expertise and comfort / facility across all major social utilities, and by her innate curiosity and interest in being at the forefront of change and evolution in the industry … her own posts continue to serve as a source of insight and fresh wisdom for me.

Valerie’s approach to our work was both diligent and professional; she was a true pleasure to collaborate with. I continue to be a fan of her work, and I would recommend her consulting services without hesitation.

- Ivan Kerbel | PracticeMBA

What You can do now: