6 Marketing Strategies I learned from PeepCon 2.0

Last May 21, my team and I were grateful to be a part of the prestigious PeepCon event. Some of the groundbreaking leaders of the SEO industry like Mike KingJon Cooper, and Dan Petrovic were there.

And I confess…

I felt like a 7-year-old kid in a candy store while listening to Jon Cooper and Dan Petrovic.

While most of the strategies they mentioned were SEO related stuff, I noticed that a lot of the strategies were also applicable to social media.

Here are some of them:

Stop ignoring big issues

Let’s be honest.

We have a lot of hanging issues in our online business that we tend to ignore, especially when we are too focused on something else.

Instead of devoting your time and effort on something that won’t make your business grow, why not list down all the issues that you are having.

Whatever it is make sure to locate and resolve!

Do old tactics better

Do you sometimes find yourself stuck in doing the same old tactic?

Well, you are not alone.

Even the best marketers can find themselves stuck in bad habits.

But you see, It’s always a good thing to be flexible and responsive to change, especially in marketing.

As Jon Cooper said, keep track on how your audience react to your tactics.

List down what works and what doesn’t. Think of ways on how to better improve your old habits.

Change is good, guys.

It will keep you one step ahead.

Keep tabs on what your idols are working

In the marketing world, it’s always the influencers who are at the forefront of trends that could just have a major impact on your business. Make sure to keep an eye on what they are working on and gain new insights from them.

Don’t reinvent the wheel.

As Jon Cooper said, “Don’t reinvent the wheel. If they’re a popular site, they certainly have popular content, right? Even if it’s not out of date, you can still improve upon it.”

Same goes with Social Media Marketing. If they are a popular brand, they are certainly doing something right. List down what’s working and improve it.

Always check your data.

“Stop Piñata marketing”- Dan PetrovicClick To Tweet

Don’t just act like you’re a blindfolded kid wishing to hit the target.

I can’t stress this enough, but you need to know where to get your data and what to do with it.

Your decisions should always be data-driven.

Know how to prioritize.

Your clients are always impatient.

Whether you like it or not, all they care about is money, so be sure you know how to prioritize and how to plan out your strategy.

Should you write a blog post first or should you send that promo?

Which one is closer to money?

Which one will help you reach your goal first?

As Dan Petrovicsaid, “Prioritization is the key”.

And lastly…

Take Action

No matter how many strategies you learn, as long as you don’t take action, it will all go to waste. IMPLEMENT.. and start seeing results.

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  1. I went to the same event, and all I can say is that… all the important information (or at least those that are relevant to me) from PeepCon 2.0 was summed up into this blog post. I like how Val focused on the tactics she knows would work in the world of social media. Kudos to that!


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