New ClickFunnels Affiliate Bootcamp Review: Is It Really That Good?

Clickfunnels Affiliate Bootcamp ReviewYou might have heard that ClickFunnels released a new version of their Affiliate Bootcamp.

And just like me, you are curious about it. 

Why wouldn’t you be?

The old Clickfunnels Affiliate Bootcamp is one of the best free affiliate marketing courses out there. It will teach you a lot on how to make money by promoting ClickFunnels, a sales funnel builder.

Over the years, it has created a huge amount of affiliates into Super Affiliates!

But there is a problem.

Some of the techniques shared are now outdated

After all, it’s been years since it was first released. That’s why everyone is raving about the new version. 

What is ClickFunnels Affiliate Bootcamp?

The new Clickfunnels Affiliate Bootcamp is a 4-day long interview series.

Compared to the previous one, this is a lot shorter. But I don’t mind because this time they focus more on the struggles that the new affiliates encounter.

In this interview series, Russell Brunson reached out to some of their Super Affiliates and asked them a single question…

If you had to feed your family with nothing but your affiliate commissions… And you had only 100 days to turn this hobby into a full-time career…

If you were starting pretty much from SCRATCH, with:

  • No large list to email…
  • No product of your own…
  • No influencer connections…
  • And no online reputation established just yet…

What would you do (over the next 100 days) until you were full time?

So, WHO were the generous Super Affiliates who were crazy enough to agree to help serve you at their HIGHEST level… for FREE!?!

Stephen Steve Larsen

Steve Larsen

Topic: How to create an irresistible offer that makes it nearly impossible for your customers to say “no.”


Dave Gambril 

Topic: The Secret key to getting your buyers to stay with you month after month.


Rachel Pedersen  

Topic: Using the power of relationships to find the right customers.


Peng Joon

Topic: How to create powerful ‘leverage’ and build a list for free as a super affiliate.


Jim Edwards 

Topic: how to dominate the affiliate leaderboard and become the #1 top-producing super affiliate.


Greg Jeffries

Topic: The simple process I use to find pockets of low-cost, low-competition traffic who are already actively searching for a solution.


Jacob Caris

Topic: How to become a super affiliate when you have a ton of other commitments in a day.

Final-Joseph-Marfoglio (1)

Joe Marfoglio 

Topic: creating YouTube videos that your audience will click on and watch all the way through!

FInal-Spencer Mecham

Spencer Mecham 

Topic: how to leverage the people who are already searching for a solution


Marley Baird 

Topic: why YouTube is the #1 best way to generate leads and get affiliate sales.


JR Rivas 

Topic: How to organically attract and build your audience through a perfectly designed FB profile.

dana derricks

Dana Derricks 

Topic: The key to getting unlimited hot (and warm) traffic…for free!


Josh Rhodes 

Topic: How to take a simple “agency” approach to generate 100+ affiliates in 100 days.



Tyler S. Clark

Topic: The 11 actionable steps that got me from 0 to 106 paying ClickFunnels affiliates in 100 days.


Billy Gene

Topic: How to demonstrate your “map” and guide your audience straight to their destination.

What are the best parts of ClickFunnels Affiliate Bootcamp?

Awesome thing # 1: Step by step guide from famous Affiliate Marketers

What I like most about Clickfunnels Affiliate Bootcamp is the step by step guide you get from 6 and 7 figure affiliates. This training will teach you how to do everything from scratch. There’s a ton of value on this course and all you have to do is to take action.

Awesome thing # 2: Choose a path that suits you

Each interview focuses on different things. So if you are an introvert like me, you can choose the Blogging route and follow the Greg Jeffries, Spencer Mecham, and Jacob Caris 100-day affiliate plan.

If you are an extrovert and you love making videos, you can choose the Youtube route and follow Joe Marfoglio’s and Marley Baird’s 100-day affiliate plan.

What I don’t like about ClickFunnels Affiliate Bootcamp?

Annoying thing #1: Each video only available 24 hours.

I really enjoyed their 4-day series. Not to mention that I’m a big fan of some of the affiliate marketers included.

However, each video is only available for 24 hours. 🙁

To be honest, you can’t absorb all these ideas quickly.  You need to watch it over and over again to understand and remember everything that they said. Especially if you plan to implement their 100-day plan.

*If you want lifetime access to them all – you can take up on the OFA Challenge offer ($100).

Final Thoughts

There are a lot of ways to make money online these days. But getting started is the biggest challenge for most people starting out.

And that’s what makes the new ClickFunnels Affiliate Bootcamp so valuable. This training is for all aspiring affiliate marketers who are looking for a roadmap that will show them how to start pretty much from SCRATCH.

Do not take this course for granted just because it is FREE! Make sure to take down notes and stay committed to it daily once you start.

*Disclosure: Any affiliate links earn me a commission (at no extra cost to you) if you choose to buy after clicking.

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