[Case Study] How to get 20% more email opens in 5 minutes

Sometimes no matter how beautifully laid out your newsletter is, there is a huge possibility that your subscribers won’t even see it. Instead of slumping into the corner, going back to the drawing board and asking yourself what you did wrong, there is a simple trick that you should do – it only takes five minutes!

What is it?

Called “Double-Opens” by Noah Kagan. All you have to do is replicate the original newsletter, change the subject line and submit it to only those who didn’t open your newsletter.

Yup, that simple.

You can increase the opening rate of your weekly or monthly newsletter by simply re-sending your initial newsletter.

Here is an example:

First newsletter sent:

1st email

19% opens – not bad!

By scheduling another one and sending only to those who didn’t opened the original newsletter, I was able to get more on top of the initial 19%

2nd email

20% – yey! more opens

Add the results together:

19 + 20 = 39% Opens

On top of the opens, I also got more clicks! 7.9% total – a far-cry from the initial 3.8% clicks!

Now that’s better than just having 10% or less than open rates per week, right?

So how did I do it?

I’ll show you how:

From your campaign tab, choose the newsletter that you want to have more opens.  Click the arrow beside the View Report and then go to Replicate.

replicate 2

When you click Replicate, you will be re-directed to the Recipient setting.

Scroll down until you see this:


Instead of sending it to your entire list of subscribers, choose the “Send to a group or new segment”

Choose “Campaign Activity” from the Subscriber Data and then “did not open.” In the third dropdown, choose the name of the campaign that your subscribers did not open.

There you have it! You will just need to schedule again 🙂

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