How to Improve Your Pinterest Boards for Maximum Engagement

pinterest engagement

Let me get this straight.

You want people to see what you have to offer, right?

You want them to click on your Pinterest boards, repin your posts, and eventually purchase the product or service you are offering.

That’s why you’re in Pinterest in the first place–to promote your brand!

But here’s the harsh reality. Getting people to check out your content in today’s fast-paced world has become very challenging. You’re not just competing with other brands in your niche, you’re also competing against everything online basically–funny memes, dog videos, viral trends, etc.

Most people who will land on your profile, or who will see your pins will just scan them and decide within only a few seconds if they should stay or if they should bail.

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One of the biggest turn-offs for Pinterest users is unattractive boards. That’s why you must master the art of improving your Pinterest boards for maximum engagement.

Don’t worry, there are only three things you should remember.

Here we go!

Focus on being and staying relevant

  • Know your brand and stay true to it.
  • Stay away from content that do not have anything to do with your brand or business.
  • Follow themes, boards, and posts that are relevant to your niche
  • Prepare your posts in advance
  • Create timeless posts that will stay interesting and appealing throughout the year

Pay attention to your categorization strategy

  • Create several boards by choosing general topics related to your brand. (For example, if your business is in the fashion industry, your boards can be labeled ‘tops,’ ‘pants,’ or ‘shoes.’
  • Start with general categories and eventually move to more specific ones.
  • Do some general searches and familiarize yourself with ideas and content that appeal to you and that are relevant to you.
  • Check your analytics data via Tailwind to know what brings online users to your profile and to your boards.

Regularly clean and organize your content

  • Check your posts at least once every quarter and cull pins that are old, outdated, and no longer relevant.
  • Remove boards that are off-brand.
  • Move old pins that you want to retain to new boards.
  • Trim down boards from time to time so that the more eye-catching and appealing pins are at the forefront.

People tend to engage more with posts that are organized and fresh, as well as content that makes them feel emotions.

These tips will help you maintain the relevance of your brand in terms of marketing and will effectively widen your profile’s audience. This guideline will also make maintaining your boards or starting new ones easier. Keep in mind to plan your content in a way that your brand’s image can be integrated in every post to get more attention.

It’s fun and it’s worth it because the results will speak for themselves. Keep your creativity flowing by staying on top of things and you won’t regret it when people keep flocking to your profile and boards.

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