Pinterest Group Boards – The Ultimate Guide

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Every day, you spend hours and hours coming up with powerful and original content for your Pinterest boards.

After all, once you finish setting up your business and your Pinterest profile, the next thing to focus on is creating awesome content, right?

But sometimes you can’t help but think if the results are really worth it. You spend so much time and effort but you don’t get the results that you eagerly look forward to

There’s little traffic, a few social shares every now and then, and a trickle of new customers.

And it is very, very frustrating.

So far, you’ve failed to find a strategy that will lead you to have more traffic.

So what’s the answer?

Pinterest group boards!

I can literally hear you going ‘What??” but don’t worry. Pinterest, in general, is already one of the most popular social media platforms–you just need to know how to get the best results by doing the right strategies.

And to get the results you want, you should not forget this one very important task: pinning to group boards.

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What are Pinterest Group Boards and what can they do for your traffic?

pinterest group boardsGroup boards are very much like an individual or business Pinterest boards.

They’re still a collection of curated content pertaining to a set theme for each board. The difference is that group boards have multiple contributors instead of just one person or entity.

The amount of attention that your pins will get will also depend on their quality, how often you post, how many other contributors there are, and their existing influence. (You check the performance of group boards using Tailwind to make sure that the board has good engagement.)

Basically, your goal on Pinterest is to get more people to see your pins, right?

Using group boards will increase the chances of them being shared. Group boards are also awesome tools that will help diversify your audience.

How to find Pinterest Group Boards to join?

There are a LOT of ways to find the perfect group board to join. The process is also very easy, so you don’t need to worry.

Start by looking into profiles that have a similar interest as you and check out the kinds of boards they joined.

pinterest group boards

You can also search on Facebook–there are some groups wherein Pinterest users post if they need more members in their boards. Here are some Facebook groups that you can check:

Search by category with the help of PinGroupie. This site will give you the number of pins, collaborators, and followers a board has.

pingroupie - pinterest group board

Search niche specific group boards using PinSprout. This tool allows you to search by topics and sort the group boards based on followers, number of pins, number of contributors and recent activity.

pinterest group boards - pinterest marketing tips

Make sure to be strategic when joining boards, or you are just wasting your time. Check out their recent activities before joining and use your Tailwind account to see board scores and engagement.

How to join Pinterest Group Boards?

After you find a board you think is worth joining, you will need to get an invitation from its owner. Go to the board’s description and check if the owner has some preferred way for interested individuals to request for an invite.

In case that there is nothing indicated, you can send a message expressing your interest and how much you like their board that you want to become a part of it. Usually, they will ask you to follow the board, repin a few pins, and leave a few comments.

Need help on what to say when messaging a group board owner? Here’s a simple template you can use!

Dear ____,

My name is ____ and I blog at ____. I found your awesome group board, _____, on Pinterest. I love the content and I would really love to be a contributor. I promise to abide by the guidelines of your group board. Hope you will consider me to be a part of it. You may reach me at ____ and my Pinterest handle is ___.

Thank you!

Pretty easy right? But here’s a question that I know is bugging you.

How do you look for really good boards that will definitely up your engagement?

This checklist and guide will help you filter the group boards that will level up your business. Ask yourself these questions as you go through the number of group boards you will see.

What to Look for in Group Pinterest Boards (aside from the number of followers)

  • Is the board relevant to your niche?
  • Is the board focused on only one topic or is it too general?
  • Is it active? Check the number of repins throughout the board.
  • How many are the current contributors?
  • Is it open to new members?
  • Are the group board’s title and keywords optimized? That’s a bonus!
  • Does the board have a decent number of followers?

I hope this blog post has helped you know more about how you can use Pinterest Group Boards to drive traffic to your site.

Remember that applying to group boards can take time, and I’m not going to give you false hope that every group board owner will respond. The truth is, maybe more than half of them won’t even reply. It’s sort of like looking for a job!


What if group boards aren’t working for you?

Like, you give it your all, but nothing’s happening.

Here’s your life hack: Tailwind Tribes!

Tailwind Tribes is part of Tailwind, the scheduling tool. The Tribes are made up of people who belong to the same niche and they help each other grow their Pinterest reach and traffic.

Here’s a short rundown on how Tailwind Tribes work:

  • A feed is created so you can review all of the content that Tribemates add
  • Tribe members work together to make sure that there is a steady stream of content
  • All members agree on a central theme
  • Members who share content can receive greater exposure to a relevant audience

Called ‘one of the best things to happen to bloggers,’ Tailwind Tribes make it so easy for pinners to find quality, relevant and handpicked content. Talk about a win-win in terms of content supply and exposure.

Go out there and discover the benefits of interacting on Pinterest.

Networking is beneficial to any business and the more people you connect with, the more your business will grow.

Exclusive Bonus: Download the step-by-step checklist that will keep you on track of on what you should be doing on a daily basis to massively grow your website traffic on Pinterest.

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