SocialPilot vs HootSuite vs Buffer [2020] – Which is Best?

SocialPilot vs Hootsuite vs BufferLooking for an appropriate social media management tool?

Well, you have landed at the right place.

I have hand-picked 3 of the best social media management tools out there.

Socialpilot vs Hootsuite vs Buffer

These social media management tools can cover all your social media needs with a promise to save your precious time.

Let’s go through them briefly, one by one, to help you make a decision for which one should be your best pick.

What is SocialPilot?

SocialPilot is a combination of social media scheduling, marketing, and analytics tools. Of course, its key factor is scheduling, but it also takes care of your other needs too.

social pilot vs buffer vs hootsuite review

As a marketer, you need a tool that can help you plan your whole month’s social media marketing tactics in advance.

Something that can take care of your post engagement and help you analyze your progress. SocialPilot is a one-stop-shop for all your needs.

I like coming up with ways to make things effortless. – Jimit Bagadiya, Co-Founder of SocialPilot

SocialPilot Features:

  • Scheduling Posts with a Freedom to Connect 50+ Different Social Media Accounts
  • Social Media Analytics for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn
  • Social Media Calendar to Overview Your Month’s Scheduled Posts
  • Social Media Analytics Reports in a PDF Format with white label
  • Social Inbox to Instantly Respond to Comments and Messages of Your Facebook Pages
  • Team Management to work with your whole team and keep a track of their accomplished tasks
  • Content Curation to get relevant and well-liked content delivered to your social media accounts. You can directly schedule them via the tool.
  • Bulk Scheduling to schedule up to 500 posts for a week or month in advance
  • Client Management to invite your clients and get access to their accounts without breaking their privacy
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SocialPilot Resources:

If you need guidance on how to perform well on social media marketing, SocialPilot can help you.

SocialPilot updates its blog on a daily basis to keep its users in touch with social media trends. It also offers resources like e-books, social media marketing courses, and weekly webinars.

SocialPilot Pricing & Plans

Basically, SocialPilot has 5 plans for your different needs named:

Agency $83.33 / month
Small Team $41.33 / month
Professional $25 / month
Individual  $8.33 / month
Free Plan $0 / month

Click here and get your 14-day free trial if you haven’t already.

Note: With SocialPilot, You don’t have to share your credit card details for trials.

And if you want more facilities to avail of your social media management bucket, SocialPilot offers custom plans too to suit your needs.

What is HootSuite?

HootSuite is known more for being the best social media scheduling, tracking, and management tool.  With Hootsuite, monitoring all your social networks turns into a piece of cake. You can measure your ROI as well.

social pilot vs hootsuite vs buffer review

In this competitive internet era, there are millions of blogs available to read. Making your blog reach people takes time and effort as well. HootSuite comes at aid with its content boosting feature.

This one feature makes HootSuite stand apart from other tools. With the content booster, HootSuite allows you to make your best content to reach the targeted audience.

HootSuite helps make it easy for brands to connect with their customers. It helps empower that human social connection – Ryan Holmes, Founder & CEO of HootSuite

Hootsuite Features

  • Post scheduling to keep posting content for 24 hours without being active
  • Monitoring to keep track of what users are talking about you
  • Content Curation to keep your users updated with latest, trendy and well-liked content without wasting time in searching
  • Social Media Analytics to measure your marketing effects and plan your further actions
  • Team Management to work together with your team on one platform and track your team’s social media actions to avoid glitches.
  • Security to protect your brand from unwanted hassles like FINRA and HIPAA.
  • Content Booster to increase the visibility of the best content among your targeted audience

Hootsuite Resources:

  • Educational Blog
  • Guides
  • Webinars
  • ToolKits
  • Case Studies
  • WhitePapers
  • Research
  • Free Courses
  • Certifications (Chargeable)

HootSuite Pricing & Plans

HootSuite offers 5 plans based on your requirements

Free $0 / month
Professional $29/ month
Team  $129/ month
Business $599/ month
Enterprise Custom Price as per your needs

With Professional and Team plan, HootSuite offers you a 30-day free trial. For the Business and Enterprise plan, you have to request a demo.

What is Buffer?

Buffer doesn’t need an intro. Everybody knows Buffer as one of the best social media scheduling tools for all. Even if you don’t pay anything to Buffer, it still can take care of your scheduling needs.

social pilot vs buffer vs hootsuite review

And if you don’t intend to use Buffer, you can have pretty good guidance from their blogs alone. All Buffer blogs and other resources are consist of vast knowledge for Social Media Marketers. Following this blog alone keep you updated with the latest trends plus teach you the basics of social media marketing.                                                            

Our goal is to enable our customers to grow with Buffer and help them execute their social media strategy from start to finish. – Joel Gascoigne, Founder & CEO of Buffer

Buffer Features:

  • Schedule Content to keep your social media accounts active without giving your hours
  • Social Media Analytics to watch your posts’ effects and take necessary actions
  • Team Management to work with the team and keep an eye on their social media tasks
  • Team Box to have seamless conversations with your social media customers from one place

Buffer Resources:

  • Social Media Blog
  • Podcast
  • Community
  • Webinars
  • Case Study
  • Culture Blog to Keep You Motivated

Buffer Pricing & Plans

Buffer has 5 plans divided into two categories

Starter Plans

Free $0
Pro $15 / month

For the Pro plan, Buffer offers a 7-day trial.

Advanced Plans

Premium $65 / month
Small Business $99 / month
Medium Business $199 / month

For all advance plans, Buffer offers a 14-day trial.

SocialPilot vs Hootsuite vs Buffer 

Here’s a quick comparison of SocialPilot, Hootsuite & Buffer:

SocialPilot vs Hootsuite vs Buffer: Features

Features SocialPilot HootSuite Buffer
Scheduling Posts Up to 1000 Unlimited Up to 2000
Social Media Accounts Up to 50 Up to 35 Up to 50
Social Media Analytics with Reports Yes (with white label reports) Yes Yes
Social Inbox Yes No Yes
Content Booster No Yes No
Team Management Yes Yes Yes
Content Curation Yes Yes No
Bulk Scheduling Up to 500 Posts Up to 350 Posts No
Client Management Yes No No
Social Media Calendar Yes No Yes
Security No Yes No
Social Networks 8 5 5
Mobile Apps iOS + Android iOS + Android iOS + Android
Customer Support Yes Yes Yes

SocialPilot vs Hootsuite vs Buffer: Resources offered

SocialPilot HootSuite Buffer
Social Media Marketing Blogs Social Media Marketing Blogs Social Media Marketing, Cultural & Motivational Blogs
Getting Started Guides Guides Podcast
Webinars Webinars Webinars
Ebooks with Full Courses ToolKits Community Engagement
Case Studies Case Studies
HootSuite Academy with Free Courses and Chargeable Certifications

SocialPilot vs Hootsuite vs Buffer: Plans, Pricing & Free Trials

Plan Name SocialPilot HootSuite Buffer
Free $0 $0 $0
Professional $25 / month

(14 day Trial)

$29 / month

(30 day Trial)

$15 / month

(7 day Trial)

Small Team $41.33 / month

(14 day Trial)

$129 / month

(30 day Trial)

$65 / month

(14 day Trial)

Business $83.33 / month

(14 day Trial)

$599 / month

(Demo Request)

$99 / month

(14 day Trial)

Enterprise As per your requirement As per your requirement $199 / month

(14 Day Trial)

Final thoughts

Well, I won’t blame you. All three of them sound too good. I advise you to go with your budget and make a list of your prior requirements. The tool that fulfills both of your requirements is best to go for. 


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