5 Essential Components of a Perfect Pin that Gets Noticed and Repinned

five components of a perfect pin

Creating pins can be long term battle.

It’s a constant war to bring justice to your ideas.

Your enemies? The barrage of online distractions and competitors in similar niches. They keep your target market occupied with their tempting and attractive content.

Gear up, because this battle is not for the faint-hearted.

There are different stages you must go through to be able to clear your thoughts and fuel your creativity.

But none of that stuff will matter if you don’t know where to put your focus. You’ll just end up creating different types of pins and hoping that people will love them.

You may as well declare defeat.

The truth is, no one should go to battle unarmed and unprepared.

Before you go into the war, you need to familiarize yourself with the proper techniques. In this case, you need to know what exactly makes a perfect pin.

So get ready and arm yourself with this knowledge, because your target customers are waiting for you–they just don’t know it yet.

These are the five components of a perfect pin:

  • The right size and image quality
  • The proper attribution
  • Context that makes sense
  • A straightforward description
  • A call to action

Let’s go through each component one by one.

The right size and image quality

People in general love beautiful photos and visually appealing materials, especially those that make them feel motivated and inspired! Well-designed pins are appealing at first glance, and may potentially attract more customers for you.

Here are some things you should remember:

  • Be creative in your photos!
  • You can hire a skilled photographer or graphic designer to help you out if your time is limited.
  • Personalize your pins by always incorporating brand identity as we’ve discussed in a previous post.
  • The ideal size of a pin is at least 735 x 1102 pixels.

Optimal Pinterest Image SIZE

The proper attribution

What is attribution? It’s giving credit to the original source of content or material, and it is very important in digital marketing. You probably don’t want your original content being mistaken for somebody else’s, right? It’s better to be careful. Another plus point of proper attribution is that it will increase your credibility.

Here are some things you can do when it comes to attributing content:

  • If you are the creator of content:
    • Add a watermark to all images.
    • Add your brand’s logo to all images.
  • If you want to share content made by others:
    • Before sharing others’ content, click on the actual image that you want to share.
    • Include the URL or mention the website title in your caption or description.

Context that makes sense

Don’t confuse your followers by posting images that have nothing to do with their title. Also be conscious of using images that are relevant to your subject or niche. By doing so, you are actually creating a story out of your graphics, titles, and descriptions.

Here are some tips on how to make sure your content make sense:

  • Get good quality images that are ‘on brand.’
  • Plan out a cohesive content plan.
  • Make sure your pins are goal-driven. Are they for awareness, engagement, or conversion?
  • Try to think like your target market.
  • Craft clear and easy to understand descriptions.

Speaking of descriptions…

A straightforward description

Don’t take this for granted, because your pins’ descriptions offer you a number of opportunities to profit.

How to make descriptions that will convert:

  • Keep your copy to around 200 characters only.
  • Be concise and straight to the point.
  • Use simple and common words and terms.
  • Explore SEO targeted keywords to help your pins rank high in search engines.
  • Make sure your description can be read naturally and tells the users what they will find specifically upon clicking

A call to action

Most people overlook the advantages of a call to action. Guide your followers to click on your post by putting some simple instructive words in your content. This is an effective way to convince users to purchase your products. Give it a try and and see for yourself.

How to create a great call to action:

  • Use strong command verbs.
  • Use words that provoke feelings.
  • Write copy in a way that the online users can relate to.
  • Give them a reason why they should do what you say.
  • Take advantage of FOMO (fear of missing out).

A perfect pin has all of these components. By doing these steps, you are greatly improving the quality of your graphics and pins. Don’t be afraid to invest and put some more effort in marketing on Pinterest because it is definitely worth it. By consistently making high quality pins, you will surely increase your sales, credibility, brand recognition, and many other benefits.


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